Hatchery highlights for March: Notable fish stockings around the state

Fish stocking is starting to ramp back up in most of the state for March as the weather gets warmer and spring gets closer, and many waters are being stocked for the first time since fall. About 70,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout will be stocked throughout Idaho during the month.

With so many fish stocked in so many places, it can be hard for anglers to sift through the stocking forecasts and records to identify noteworthy stocking events. To make it easier, we asked Fish and Game hatchery staff to highlight some stocking events for the month of March:

Southeast Region

American Falls Reservoir: 18,000 Rainbow Trout. This large waterbody on the Snake River provides abundant boating opportunity. Additionally, there is good shoreline fishing near the west side boat ramp located by the dam. These fish will be stocked once ice is off.

Bannock Reservoir: 1,000 Rainbow Trout. Located within the Portneuf Wellness Complex Park near the County Fairgrounds in Pocatello, this community park offers trout fishing with many recreational amenities nearby. The five-acre pond is surrounded by playgrounds, soccer fields, basketball courts, running and biking trails, and an amphitheater for community events. Multiple docks provide fishing access around the pond.

Bear River below Oneida Dam: 1,500 Rainbow Trout. These fish will be stocked in the very scenic Oneida Narrows reach of the river below the dam. This popular section of the river offers the longest continuous public access along the entire Bear River.

Bear River below Alexander Dam: 1,250 Rainbow Trout. This "tucked away" section of river can provide some awesome fishing opportunity for those willing to walk along the banks.

Edson Fichter Pond: 950 Rainbow Trout. This community pond is located in southwestern Pocatello along the Portneuf River at Edson Fichter Nature Area. It features several docks and a trail for access around the pond. Limited development and the Nature Area provide a rural feel. Just minutes from downtown Pocatello, this site offers local anglers a convenient escape close to home.

Upper Snake Region

Gem Lake: 3,000 Rainbow Trout. Conveniently located near Idaho Falls at the Gem Lake Recreation Area.

Salmon Region

Hayden Creek Pond: 650 Rainbow Trout. This is a family friendly fishing area in the high desert along Hayden Creek. Anglers will find ample bank fishing opportunities and a dock for anglers with limited mobility.

Kids Creek Pond: 300 Rainbow Trout. Located near downtown Salmon, this small fishing pond offers good trout fishing and is regularly stocked throughout the spring and summer. Take the kids out for a fun afternoon of fishing!

Clearwater Region

Kiwanis Park Pond: 1,500 Rainbow Trout. This convenient community pond is located next to the Snake River within walking distance to picnic shelters and a playground. The pond is stocked with Rainbow Trout from March through June and in October to maintain high catch rates for anglers. Access this levee pond in Lewiston's Kiwanis Park along Snake River Avenue south of Bridge Street.

Mann Lake: 5,400 Rainbow Trout. Located in Nez Perce County, this lake provides a multi-species fishery. In addition to Rainbow Trout, anglers can catch bass, catfish and a variety of panfish. Only electric motors are allowed on this waterbody.

Southwest Region (Nampa)

Caldwell Rotary Pond: 900 Rainbow Trout. Rotary Pond is a park-like setting. Lots of bank fishing offers young anglers easy access to fish for bluegills and bass. A dock invites visitors of every mobility level to enjoy the fishing.

Crane Falls Reservoir: 1,200 Rainbow Trout. This waterbody is alongside the Snake River in the sagebrush south of Mountain Home. This lake is best fished from small boats and float craft, though several fishing docks are available.

Dick Knox Pond: 800 Rainbow Trout. Located just south of the corner of West Sales Yard and Airport roads in Emmett, this pond gives anglers the chance to pursue a wide variety of fish species. Pond amenities include five floating docks – one ADA accessible, two restrooms, a boat launch and ample parking.

Duff Lane Pond: 325 Rainbow Trout. A small ramp is available for launching small boats and float craft. There are also two fishing docks. In addition to Rainbow Trout, bass and bluegill are often targeted by anglers.

Ed’s Pond: 200 Rainbow Trout. This small fishing pond is located in Emmett's Gem Island Park along the Payette River. It’s adjacent to the greenbelt so it provides the opportunity for more outdoor recreation options.

Horseshoe Bend Mill Pond: 650 Rainbow Trout. Just north of town, this pond features easy access and productive fishing for bass and trout in a pleasant setting next to the Payette River. This pond is one of more than seventy waters designated as Family Fishing Waters in Idaho. These waters have been established to make it easier for families to go and enjoy fishing. The rules are simple and there are lots of fish to catch.

Kleiner Pond: 900 Rainbow Trout. Within Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park, there is a large fishing platform and plenty of shoreline access. This is a family-friendly water with paved paths and full-feature city park activities.

Magic Valley Region

Blair Trail Fishing Pond: 1,200 Rainbow Trout. Located on Little Canyon Creek, this remote desert water is surrounded by sagebrush solitude.

Cedar Creek Reservoir (Roseworth Reservoir): 2,000 Rainbow Trout. If you are looking to get out of town for the day, this reservoir is a remote trout fishery in the high desert. It has great shoreline access as well as high water and low water boat ramps.

Freedom Park Pond: 1,000 Rainbow Trout. Located in Burley, this trout pond was built with young anglers in mind. Go cast a line with the kiddos!

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