Volunteers needed to construct fence to improve Pocatello’s municipal watershed

The U.S. Forest Service and the city of Pocatello are partnering to construct a wildlife-friendly fence to protect the municipal watershed southwest of Pocatello in the Gibson Jack and West Fork Mink Creek drainages. The agencies are looking for volunteers to help install the fence. Two work days are scheduled for July 20 and Aug. 24.

Training will be provided, but volunteers should bring leather gloves and eye protection. Those interested in participating should contact the Westside Ranger District at 208-236-7500 so they can coordinate logistics and necessary gear. Volunteers may also meet at the Cherry Springs Nature Area at 9 a.m. July 20.

“Preserving and ensuring water quality is important to the citizens of Pocatello,” said Lori Bell, Westside District ranger. “This project gives people a chance to come together and help manage their public lands” 

“This project will help the city for years to come,” Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad said. “Not only have several partners contributed financially to the success of this endeavor but now every individual has a personal opportunity to physically contribute to improving our watershed.”

Idaho Fish and Game donated $20,000 to pay for fencing materials and the city of Pocatello and USFS marked the fence line. Forest Service Fire Crews cleared the line of vegetation prior to fire season and then the Youth Work Crew installed the H-braces. They are now looking for volunteers to help with the final step of installing fence posts and stringing barbed wire.

For more information, contact the Westside Ranger District at 208-236-7500 or the city of Pocatello at 208-234-6225.

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